GOT7 Is Booked and Busy

GOT7 for a promotional photoshoot for their album Breath of Love: Last Piece

It’s been a little over a year since the multi-national, multi-talented K-pop group GOT7 left their agency Jinyoung Park Entertainment (JYPE) in a move celebrated by ahgases, their devoted fanbase, after debuting with the agency and being managed by them for 7 years, as outlined in their contract. Since then, the group members have signed to different talent management agencies, but still retain the rights to the GOT7 name and brand.

Though GOT7 has been in a sort of “hiatus” period as a group, the members are still active in their own endeavors and collaborate with each other frequently. They’ve expressed the hope to still release music as a group at least once a year. With Taiwanese-American member Mark Tuan recently returning to Korea for the first time since moving back to his home city of Los Angeles in February 2021, ahgases are wondering: Is this the sign of a comeback? Regardless of the outcome of Mark’s visit, the members of GOT7 have plenty of music, YouTube videos, magazine features, radio spots, K-dramas and other personal projects to keep ahgases busy keeping up with members’ moves.

Jay B

Jay B signed with fellow JYPE alum Jay Park’s label H1GHR. An impressive singer, Jay B has been involved in numerous projects with other artists and his own DefSoul releases. He released a solo album SOMO: Fume with his well-received single Switch It Up, in 2021. His most recent album LOVE under his pseudonym Def. is a wonderfully produced R&B album, with songs like Sunset With You and I Just Wanna Know showing off his impressive vocals paired with beautiful melodies. He also has a regular DJ spot with KBS Cool’s Station Z, which GOT7 bandmate Mark Tuan recently “crashed” and hosted, sparking comeback speculation. Jay B frequently updates fans with his plans and activities through Instagram live streams. He and GOT7 bandmate Youngjae have an ongoing partnership with Burberry menswear.

You can keep up with Jay B on his official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Mark Tuan

Mark signed with Creative Artists Agency after a few months of being a free agent, wanting to focus on personal projects and his family after returning to Los Angeles after years of living and working in Korea. The LA native has been jet-setting over the past year, modeling in luxury fashion label YSL’s shows in Paris and Miami and attending the premiere of Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) as he contributed to the soundtrack. Like Jay B, Mark regularly live streams on Instagram. He also streams on Twitch and has done collaborations and sponsorships with different gaming companies. He’s released several singles in the past year, most recently My Life and Lonely, contemplative tracks that reveal much about Mark to fans as he has more control over his career.

You can keep up with Mark on his official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Jackson Wang

While Jackson is CEO of his own China-based entertainment company, Team Wang, he’s confirmed that Team Wang has a partnership with Sublime Artist Agency in Korea, which his fellow GOT7 bandmate Youngjae is signed with. He’s most recently collaborated with luxury brands like Cartier, Fendi, and Armani for advertisement and ambassador campaigns. He even released his own luxury streetwear brand. In addition to his own solo music, he’s created PANTHEPACK a supergroup of Chinese rappers Karencici, ICE, and J. Sheon that has released tracks like Pull Up and BUZZ to great reception both in China and abroad. Fluent in multiple languages, Jackson continues to be arguably the most internationally recognizable member of GOT7, appearing on US late night shows to promote his single LMLY, and his song 100 Ways receiving airtime on mainstream US radio stations. He’s one of the most popular musicians in China, with millions of followers on Chinese social media app Weibo. Jackson announced the music video for Blow, the first single off of his upcoming album Magic Man, will be released on March 31.

You can keep up with Jackson on his official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Park Jinyoung

A portrait-style photo of Park Jinyoung. He is in front of a dark gray background with a contemplative expression. He is wearing a green sweater.

Jinyoung signed with BH Entertainment following his and the rest of GOT7’s departure from JYPE, and has put most of his focus on acting, though he did release a single Dive in the summer of 2021. He starred as Kim Ga On in the wildly popular K-drama, The Devil Judge (2021), which became a hit internationally. He also has a recurring role in Yumi’s Cells (2021), and his next acting project is a crime thriller Yaksha: Ruthless Operations, set to release in April 2022. He spoke about his acting in his cover feature of the December 2022 issue of tmrw magazine, revealing his passion for it and interest in growing in that industry. Through his impressive portfolio of projects, Jinyoung is showing his strength and range as an actor, with increasing visibility to Western audiences outside of his music career with GOT7.

You can keep up with Jinyoung on his official Instagram account.


Youngjae is signed to Sublime Artist Agency with fellow GOT7 member Jackson Wang. He made his acting debut in Netflix’s original K-comedy So Not Worth It (2021) as well as in the musical Midnight Sun. He also stars as Kim Seung Hyu in the K-drama adaptation of popular webtoon Love and Wish (2021). He hopes to take on more acting projects in the future. In addition, Youngjae has regularly guest hosted radio shows, and MBC FM4U recently announced he would be the regular host for their upcoming program “Close Friend.” Sublime Artist Agency created a YouTube account for him, where they upload ridiculously fun challenge videos and vlogs featuring Youngjae (and sometimes his dog Coco!), which are an absolute blast to watch and will brighten anyone’s day. Most significantly, he released his solo album Colors from Ars, which showcases his impressive vocal range with tracks like the summery, upbeat Vibin’ and moody and contemplative Moonlight.

You can keep up with Youngjae on his official Twitter and Instagram accounts.


A portrait-style photo of BamBam of GOT7. He is in front of a graffiti-covered wall. He’s staring into the camera and wearing a black turtleneck and earrings.

BamBam is signed to Abyss Company and has since released 2 albums in less than a year, riBBon and B. riBBon’s title track was paired with an aesthetic and whimsical music video, drawing from influences like Alice in Wonderland and Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel, perfect for the upbeat song. B featured a collaboration with Red Velvet’s Seulgi for the lead single Who Are You? creating hype across fandoms for BamBam’s second album. BamBam is a global ambassador for NBA team Golden State Warriors, creating a frenzy on Twitter when he encouraged fans to vote for Golden State Warriors players to start in the 2022 NBA All-Star game (it worked). He engages regularly with ahgases on Twitter and at fan meets in his native Thailand, where he’s one of the most popular and recognizable celebrities. At the 2021 Asia Artist Awards, he won the Asia Celebrity and Best Artist awards.

You can keep up with BamBam on his official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Kim Yugyeom

Yugyeom is signed with AOMG, a label created by Jay Park, and has released an album POV: U with leading singles I Want U Around and All Your Fault, which has a music video with incredible choreography and cinematography to match. This is no coincidence, as Yugyeom is a talented dancer, showing a passion for it in GOT7 and as a solo artist. While not as active on social media as the other members of GOT7, AOMG uploads YouTube videos of his elaborate choreographies to his own and others’ music. He’s set to tour Germany in May, performing in several cities across the country and sparking hopes that he’ll visit others soon. On his Instagram account, Yugyeom announced his upcoming single Take You Down, set to release on March 31.

You can keep up with Yugyeom on his official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Until the next GOT7 comeback, there’s fan curated content, update accounts and even events for ahgases. Ahgaradio utilized Twitter Spaces when the feature was first launched to play GOT7’s music as a group and solo tracks. Since then, it’s grown into a well-organized and fun community for ahgases with regularly scheduled shows and theme days. AhgaEvents hosts in-person events in California to celebrate GOT7 members’ album launches and birthdays. They even offer ways for national and international fans to get involved through tier packages that feature everything from tote bags to cup-sleeves. Countless update accounts on Instagram and Twitter keep track of GOT7’s activities as a group and the individual members. No matter what GOT7’s next moves are, it’s 7 or never.




24 | CLT | Martin Scorsese Apologist | Writer for Ghouls Magazine | Editorial for Rianne Pictures | she/her | All opinions expressed on this account are my own

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24 | CLT | Martin Scorsese Apologist | Writer for Ghouls Magazine | Editorial for Rianne Pictures | she/her | All opinions expressed on this account are my own

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